The Global Leadership Summit
Summit Replay Experience

7 days of GLS On-Demand Streaming Access

beginning October 22, 2020

Fresh, actionable and inspiring leadership content from a world-class faculty at a convenient location near you.

You have influence.

How are you using it?

The Global Leadership Summit is your opportunity to access a wealth of leadership insight from a world-class faculty ready to equip and inspire you—no matter where you have influence.


When you grow in your leadership and use your influence for good, you can strengthen your relationships, maximize the impact of your church, business or organization, or even ignite transformation in your community!


Join us in a movement of more than 420,000 people learning together in 124 countries this year.


The Global Leadership Summit is your two-day infusion of freshideas, actionable concepts, leadership principles and heartfelt inspiration.

We’ve convened a unique group of 15+ world-class faculty who will share their distinct perspectives, inspiring and equipping you with practical skills you can apply right away.

Topics our faculty will dive into this year include: 

  • Breaking free from the lies we believe about work

  • Becoming more agile and inventive

  • Identifying five permissions to multiply your time

  • Overcoming fear and problematic power dynamics in teams

  • Leveraging science-based research to increase connection opportunities

*Faculty lineup and topics subject to change. Additional faculty and guest artists to be revealed.

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Providing A More Flexible Summit Experience

During our current world-wide pandemic we had to adjust this years Summit Experience. Our original model included a 

local in-person Summit Reply Experience as well 7 days of online streaming access. Due to the current community spread of

COVID-19 we will unfortunately not be able to offer an in-person experience this year. We are still excited to be able to offer 7 days of GLS On-Demand Streaming Access from the comfort of your home or office.


Register TODAY!

Pricing is as low as $169 per attendee for purchases of 2+ tickets. Regular pricing is $189 per individual ticket and $169 for purchases of 2+ tickets.

Special Rates for:

Military - For Active Duty Military and Reserve personnel and their spouses.

Student/Faculty - All students/faculty only applies to guests with an accredited college/university, or high school.

Student Organizations - For staff of student organizations, i.e. YFC, Campus Crusade, Young Life.

During Step 2 of registration be sure to click link under "registration details" to select y our special rate category.

Additionally, teachers, nurses and other qualified guests may be eligible for continuing education credit. Please call 800-570-9812 to learn more about CE credit.

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The Global Leadership Summit is proud

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