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The Global Leadership Summit
August 4-5, 2022

Your Vision for a Better Future Matters

You and those around you are facing burnout, broken relationships, a divided culture, seemingly endless conflicts, emotionally exhausted teams, and an undefined path ahead.


The future is waiting for your vision, your ideas, your action, and your leadership. The future is listening. The future is now.


Gathering with a global community of change-driven, growth-minded, hope-filled people like you, discover how to voice your vision for a better future.

With 25+ years of experience delivering fresh, practical, hope-filled leadership development training within a supportive community, The Global Leadership Summit has become more than a two-day conference—it is an invitation to get geared up with the leadership tools you need to voice your vision for a better future.


Go on a journey of rich learning. Get ready to gain new ideas and a fresh perspective from 12+ leading experts spanning a wide range of fields and backgrounds.

*Faculty lineup and topics subject to change. Additional faculty and guest artists to be revealed.

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This year we will be offering an exclusively online experience!

Including LIVE online viewing access and 7-days On-Demand Steaming Access.

Unfortunately we will not be able to offer an in-person gathering this year. We are however excited to offer an online GLS On-Demand Streaming Access from the comfort of your home or office. Our online model not only gives you the opportunity to gather individually in the comfort of your home but an option to host a small micro-gathering at your home or office.

Register TODAY!

Pricing is as low as $179 per attendee
Regular pricing is $229

Special Rates for:

Military - For Active Duty Military and Reserve personnel and their spouses.

Student/Faculty - All students/faculty only applies to guests with an accredited college/university, or high school.

Student Organizations - For staff of student organizations, i.e. YFC, Campus Crusade, Young Life.

During Step 2 of registration be sure to click link under "registration details" to select y our special rate category.

Additionally, teachers, nurses and other qualified guests may be eligible for continuing education credit. Please call 800-570-9812 to learn more about CE credit.

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