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Between the Summits: Community Leadership Development Groups

What will move you from HERE to THERE? What will increase your degree of leverage?

We invite you to join us as we connect with other influencers in our community in accountability and a deeper investment toward personal development. Let’s fully leverage the Global Leadership Summit year-round as we build new relationships and inspire new initiatives.

Sign-up for our one of our Between the Summits: Community Leadership Development Groups today as we journey toward transformational growth opportunities for you, your team or organization.

Each group will read and discuss 4 leadership development books from the resource center of the Global Leadership Network.

These books were selected based on their high ratings, reviews, and the variety of leadership topics. The group will cover one book every two months.

Book 1: September-October//Book 2: January-February//Book 3: March-April//Book 4: May-June

Based on the sign-up information you provide you will be paired with a group. Following the Global Leadership Summit during the week of the August 13th you can expect to receive an email with the logistics of your assigned group.


Our BTS group facilitator Leah Ashford will facilitate the first session for each of the groups. Following the initial meeting each group will appoint a facilitator, or trade facilitation responsibilities for each session. You and your peers will also decide which of the 4 books to read first, as well as the frequency of the meetings, either bi-weekly or monthly.      


Between the Summits literature: Alive at Work by Daniel M. Cable, Driven by Difference by David A. Livermore, Servant Leadership in Action by Ken Blanchard, The Power of Your Potential by John C. Maxwell


If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to our Between the Summits Facilitator Leah Ashford


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